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31 Aug 2016


Norm's Notes 31.

Today I have mostly been in A and E.

I have broken my arm.
I fell off the ladder doing the hedge yesterday!

Sammy has been administrating to my needs.

Thank you all for visiting my posts
this past month. Hope you have enjoyed yourselves.
On this fitting note I bid you farwell.

Back to you Mrs A. 

XOXO Norm.
Fine Print.
Rest assured Norm's fracture is only a small one but he is loving all the attention he is getting from Sammy.
It was only a short fall and you would think that  he'd be used to swinging around at heights but then remember he was hand reared so has no inkling of what a real jungle is like!!!!Lol.  He will though be out of action foe a while!!

30 Aug 2016

Cut above the rest.

Norm's Notes 30.

Today I have mostly been cutting the hedge.

Just need to stretch a bit further.


XOXO Norm.

29 Aug 2016


Norm's Notes 29.

Today  I have mostly been painting my masterpiece.

Using my new water colour pencils.

Getting there.

Nearly finished.
What do you think ?

XOXO Norm.

Fine Print.

Norm used  High Hopes Rubber Stamps 'Winter Fun Monkey' M-143  as his image to paint..

28 Aug 2016

Weeds? What Weeds.

Norm's Notes 28.

Today I have mostly been trying out my new weed killer.

Looking good.


 Norm. Where has all the Orange blossom gone?

XOXO Norm.

Fine Print.
Just in case your wondering what the large upturned pot is doing in the background surrounded by pebbles, it's going to be a Mud Head just like the one in the Lost Gardens of Heligan  (only a smaller version.)
It is Norm's next project!!!

27 Aug 2016

Ten Green Bottles.

Norm's Notes 27.

Today we have mostly been taking our empties to the bottle bank.

We had to make several trips.

He He ! Bet your all singing along now!!

XOXO Norm.

26 Aug 2016

Ear, Ear.

Norm's Notes 26..

Today Sammy has mostly been trying on her earings

She couldn't decide which looked the prettiest with her new top.

So she put all 3 pairs in !

XOXO Norm.

25 Aug 2016

Swing Time

Norm's Notes 25.

Today we have mostly been playing on our swing.

It is so not your turn Norm.

Yes it is.

XOXO Norm.

24 Aug 2016


Norm's Notes 24.

Today I have mostly been polishing the car.

XOXO Norm.


It is time for a new challenge over at

So I would like to see  Kraft card used 
along with your Butterfly/ies of course.
If you use the optional colour then this time
it is to use multiple  colours as in a 

Here is my inspiration cards for you. 

1st card uses blue cardstock for the base.
I have used kraft card to die cut the window frame
which is  Crafts-Too Stitch hole Rectangle dies PCD98.
The image is by Hunkydory from their
Little Book of Shimmer which I have trimmed down
just very slightly so that is sits within the framework.
Butterfly is die cut using memory box Theo/ Whidbey
and kraft card.
Stickers and sentiment is a multicoloured sticker sheet.

2nd card used a pink base card and iridescent ribbon.
Image is from the same book as above along with the sentiment
Butterflies are multi coloured puffer stickers.
Image is adhered to the left over piece of kraft card from
the die cut used above. 

3rd card  is lilac cardstock used to make the base.
Kraft card and another piece of the lilac card are layered up
on top. The image is from the same Little Book of Shimer.
It has a covering of acetate which is adhered to the image using 
multi coloured brads.
 (from my recent win over at
Pixies Crafty workshop.)
Butterflies are Starform iridescent stickers
and the sentiment is glitterations.

Hope  these give you some idea of using multi colours on your project
and that you will play along with the challenge.. 
I'm looking forward to maybe seeing some mixed media
backgrounds on your projects.
Surprise me!!!!

23 Aug 2016


Norm's Notes 23.

Last night we got plastered.

XOXO Norm.

22 Aug 2016

New Necklace.

Norm's Notes 22.

Today Sammy has mostly been making herself a necklace.

XOXO Norm.

21 Aug 2016


Norm's Notes 21.

Today I have mostly been painting the shed.

XOXO Norm.