Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tied up in knots.


Not the ribbon box.

Day 16.

The doc and I are away for a few days.
No way are we leaving Elf Boss
alone at home.
He is coming with us.
After all what possible
havoc can he cause in a
Hotel room

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D.l. Art's Elf Antics 2nd Annual Linky Party. Must show a 3D Elf in picture.


  1. This made me smile Mrs A. Enjoy your few days away and hope he doesn't cause too much havoc! Carol x

  2. lol......Hope you have an enjoyable time away x

  3. When did you get one of my ribbon boxes, looks to be in the same mess as mine are.
    Have a nice break and I wonder what he will break.

    Kath x

  4. Make sure he doesn't find the mini-bar or you may have a few problems!! Enjoy your break xx

  5. And you "thought" you and the Mr were going to be alone for a few days?? Think again ;) Have fun!!

  6. Hullo Mrs A... had to pop over and say thanks so VERYYYYYY much for the wodnerful card that arrived in today's mail so have blogged it today . :D not been around much life happens and one cant do everything or I cant :D
    Just love to see your dear monkeys again great to see them even if the mischievous elf has tied them all up in knots with the contents of the ribbon box .. mayhem indeed!!
    Travel safe and rest up well, every blessing of the LORD dear kind friend,
    love Shaz.x

  7. HOW cute oh do take him with you as he can keep an eye on YOU>...travel safe and have a lovely break.xxx

  8. OH my your elf is really getting into trouble
    Thank you for joining ELF Antics 2nd Annual Linky Party
    DIANA L.

  9. Tee, hee - wonder what he'll get up to next!

    Hugs, Di xx

  10. Can't wait to find out what he is up to next.


  11. Sooo... an elf off the shelf is apparently a lot more trouble than 5 cats combined! good to know!

  12. Looks like Elf Boss had lots of fun with the ribbons! Elf Boss is going to find some new adventures in that Hotel Room I'm sure! Hope you enjoy your time away.

  13. Naughty Elf! Those poor animals are going to need therapy after his adventures!


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